The first two days were jammed packed with activities for our visitors from the Middle East.  Pictures can be seen below of our visitors, and their hosts.  Merely click onto one of the arrows (below) to start each of the three slide-show presentations of pictures. 

After getting to the home at which they would stay until Sunday (on the banks of the New River, outside of West Jefferson, North Carolina), a trip was made on the Blue Ridge Parkway (which is a road that goes through second oldest mountain-range in the world:  the Appalachian Mountains. 

Another trip was one where everyone went to a store that is part of the largest retailing chain of stores in the world:  Wal-Mart. 

Another fun adventure was canoeing down the second oldest river in the world:  the South Fork of the New River.   And then, at the end of the second day, everyone (those that were Jewish, those that were Islamic, and those that were Christian) ate a Kosher supper on the Jewish sabbath.

An 8-minute video was created of the canoe trip down the New River. 

  To view it:

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