From the Board of Directors,  Elk Shoals United Methodist Camp

January 5, 2015

For many years, Camp Elk Shoals has provided a place for faith-directed recreation for persons of all ages, races and faiths.  However, in the last several years, the Camp has been financially unable to provide for all of its expenses, including necessary maintenance of our facilities.  We have been thankful for the many supporters who have shared time at Camp Elk Shoals and provided funds for the new additions.

Since July, 2012, the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church and Camp Board have been working together to find a way to make the Camp viable and self-sustaining.  Even with much thought and consulting assistance, we have not been able to find our way to maintain the operations of the Camp without great external support.  Therefore the Board has made the difficult decision to sell the Camp property back to the Conference.

At this time, we are still in negotiations regarding this transaction that requires confidentially.  We will provide you with further information as it is available.