The Mission of Elk Shoals is to be a unique environment where all of God's Children can have the opportunity to enjoy some of the many wonders of His Creation as seen in their natural environment.      

      We are the home of the
"Trust me - Shalom, Salaam, Peace" Showtime Network documentary,
and the world famous boys and girls Interfaith which this year we had Jewish boys from Israel, Islamic boys from Palestine, and Christian girls from Costa Rica joining us.

We welcome your prayers and support as we continue to work for peace and justice for our children's future!

Click here ( * ) to see a "pictorial movie" of a canoe trip down the South Fork of the New River by our male visitors from Israel and Palestine, and here ( * ) to see a short documentary of their camping experience, and here ( * ) to read a newspaper article about the Interfaith Camp and our foreign visitors.